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Dreamland Sanctuary & Gardens

Off grid healing space

Authentic Enchantment

Our very emblem captures the magical essence of Dreamland. Gaze upon the panoramic views and realize that they're not just any views, they’re the views – the same that once lived as sketches in a dreamer's notebook, now brought to vivid life.

Jungle Meets Lux-Comfort

Live in harmony with nature without compromising on luxury. Our abode, a harmonious blend of wild vibrancy and comforting amenities, ensures your stay is both rejuvenating and indulgent.

Permaculture & Organic Living

We’re proud to nourish our land and our guests with organic produce straight from our flourishing gardens. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture benefits both our local community and the planet.

Journey into the Dreamland Experience

Rediscover. Reconnect. Reimagine

Whether it's the tranquil meditations by the lake, spirited interactions with our community of local indigenous farmers, or the sheer joy of existing in a space so carefully crafted with passion and love, Dreamland promises moments of profound discovery

Casa del Sol

Our Upstairs Oasis, 2 Bedroom, 2 Full Outdoor Bathroom Showers and Full Kitchen

Casita Cielo

Our Upstairs Oasis, 2 Bedroom, 2 Full Outdoor Bathroom Showers and Full Kitchen

Choose your Suite

Dreamland houses serene sleeping quarters, designed for rest and rejuvenation. Each room, echoing the ethos of nature, boasts comfy beds, soft linens, and a private balcony or window view that connects you with the surrounding verdant beauty.

Journey into the Dreamland Experience

Embrace Nature's Luxury

Step into Dreamland, where each corner whispers tales of dreams turned real. Perched atop a private hill, immerse in panoramic vistas of lakes and volcanoes, all cradled by nature's embrace. Revel in luxury that doesn't distance but deepens your bond with the wild. Here, jungle serenity meets comfort, offering more than a stay—it's a transformative journey. Dive into organic farming workshops, or simply breathe in tranquility by the lakeside. Dreamland isn't just a destination; it's an experience. Come, dream with us.


Dreamland Sanctuary & Gardens, Lake Atitlan, Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala

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Lake Atitlan, Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala

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